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On This Site Stood The University of Glasgow

On This Site Stood The University of Glasgow

This plaque used to mark to former spot of the Old College on High Street in the East End of Glasgow.

Today the plaque sits in a glass display cabinet in the forehall under the stairs to the entrances to Bute Hall and the Hunterian Museum. I’ll post a photo of the staircase tomorrow. If you look carefully, you can see me in the reflection.

Oh, guess what today takes up the spot where the Old College used to be before it moved to the West End in the 1870s? An Aldi, some flats, High Street Train Station, train tracks and a car park. As the plaque says, the main gateway used to sit directly opposite College Street. Thanks to Google Street View you can see that spot as it stands today, by clicking here. Click here for a satellite photo of the area.

[Poll #9: What is the best source of food on campus?]
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