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The Number 15?

The Number 15?

If you’ve been around campus this week and had your eyes directed at the ground (which is very likely, considering the weather we’ve been experiencing lately), you may have noticed the white (and red) spray-painted number 15’s on the ground, spread all around campus.

I’ve already counted 9 of them myself, outside the library and between the QMU and the Boyd Orr Building, for example. The one in the photo above is from outside the Gregory Building and the “stone vagina”. How many can you find?

Is it vandalism? Someone’s tag? A viral ad campaign? Aliens?

I was going to do some further research into it, until I ran across a flyer outside the University Library which explained everything: the number ’15’ in this instance is referring to the 15th birthday of SubCity, Glasgow University’s student-run radio station, which it is celebrating at The Arches on Saturday March 6th, a week from today. More information on the SubCity website at

Mystery solved!

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