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February 2010 Recap & Poll Results []

Another month behind us.

The poll for February pondered about the best source of food on campus, the results of which can be found in the graphic below (click it for a larger version). The Queen Margaret Union’s two food dispensaries, the Food Factory and Lacuna, came up top trumps, in first and third place, respectively. Preventing a 1-2 finish was the Brasserie at 1A The Square, which is my personal favourite, in terms of the quality of food, though not so much the price. The Food Factory is the one I frequent the most, and I suspect that the QMU’s standings in the results might have been slightly skewed by the readership of this blog. Or maybe not, who knows.

With March being a month filled with elections for all the student unions on campus, the SRC, GUU, QMU and GUSA, the poll for the coming month asks about your voting habits, specifically if you vote in student elections at University or not. The poll can be found on the right hand side of the blog, or by clicking this link.

Below are all the photos from February 2010:

February 1st: What Is Room 256?February 2nd: Royal Infirmary Academic DepartmentsFebruary 3rd: Bored In LecturesFebruary 4th: A World of ScaffoldingFebruary 5th: Ghosts In The Trees (Day & Night)February 6th: Welcoming CollageFebruary 7th: L is for... Libraries [ABC Sundae]February 8th: A Small Door (What Is That?)February 9th: Lord Kelvin's Modern Glaswegian StyleFebruary 10th: Department of Organic ChemistryFebruary 11th: Joseph Black BuildingFebruary 12th: In SepiaFebruary 13th: Site of Future Development?February 14th: Undercroft EntrywayFebruary 15th: University Avenue & University PlaceFebruary 16th: Dark CornersFebruary 17th: Wikipedia @ The HunterianFebruary 18th: Rainbow Flag?February 19th: Lostprophets DJ SetFebruary 20th: Joseph Black Building (Day & Night)February 21st: M is for... Magazines [ABC Sundae]February 22nd: On This Site Stood The University of GlasgowFebruary 23rd: Stairs to the Hunterian Museum and Bute HallFebruary 24th: John Smith, 1938-1994February 25th: Art Gallery, Library, HubFebruary 26th: The Hetherington Research Club is ClosedFebruary 27th: The Number 15?February 28th: Southern Entrance to the University of Glasgow

(Somehow forgot to actually hit “Publish” on this post a month ago, when it was supposed to have been posted, oops. I’ve postdated it to February 28th, the day it was supposed to have been posted.)


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