Your University, One Photo at a Time

Southern Entrance to the University of Glasgow

This particular entrance to the University is on Dumbarton Road, right between the entrance to the Western Infirmary and Partick Bridge. The road leads up to the Graham Kerr Building (Zoology) and the complex made up of the West Medical Building, Wolfson Building and the Davidson Building.

It’s a route to uni I suspect many people don’t take, so, to spare you the walk, the next couple of days I’ll post a few pictures from that part of the University. There’s also a garden-like bit where I saw a fox while taking the photos I’ll post on Monday and Tuesday. I would continue for the rest of the week, but there is a lot happening on campus on Wednesday and Thursday which will require their own posts.

[Poll #9: What is the best source of food on campus?]
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One response

  1. Great photograph. I well remember taking this route to University more than 30 years ago, on my way to jurisprudence lectures. It would be great to see some photographs of the old lecture theatres that make up this part of the University.

    March 8, 2010 at 12:29 pm

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