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QMU Heckling in Jim’s Bar

QMU Heckling in Jim's Bar

The Queen Margaret Union held their Heckling meeting the night before the General Election (which I’ll feature tomorrow) in Jim’s Bar. That’s right, on St. Patrick’s Day.

For each board position, the candidates took to the stage, gave a short speech and were then bombarded, to varying degrees, with questions from the audience. I took a lot of photos during the event but I feel this panorama portrays the scene at Jim’s Bar the best, as opposed to a single picture of any candidate or candidates on stage.

To get a better look at the photo and see all the things you’ll otherwise miss, as with all the panoramas I feature on this blog, it’s best viewed large. Click here for the larger versions.

[Poll #10: Do you vote in Student Elections at University?]
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