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Davidson Building Lecture Theatre (Room 208)

Davidson Building Lecture Theatre (Room 208)

Had a little bit of difficulty finding this lecture theatre. There are no signs directing you to the Davidson Building‘s main lecture theatre, Room 208. Well, none within the building at least, which is where you would first look for a lecture theatre, wouldn’t you? The lecture theatre is actually outside the building (although connected to it), and to get into the Davidson Building, you will undoubtedly walk past it.

To complicate matters even more, the Davidson Building, the Wolfson Building and the West Medical Building make up one large building, linked on the inside. There is a Room 208 in the Wolfson Building, which you can get to by entering the Davidson Building and taking the stairs down, entering the Wolfson Building without knowing you’ve done so, and walking along the hallway. To my surprise, this particular Room 208 is not a lecture theatre, but someone’s office.

I’m posting a few more photos of this corner of the University next week, and I’ll point out the location of the lecture theatre when I post one of the Davidson Building. You know, just so you won’t make the same mistake I did when looking for Room 208.

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