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March 2010 Recap & Poll Results []

Where’d the term go? It’s almost Easter and a lot of people are jetting off home or some exotic locations for the next few weeks, before coming back just in time for several excruciating weeks of exams. It’s gonna be a pretty quiet month around campus.

Fan update: The Facebook Page for this blog now has a fantastic 117 fans, and there are 107 people following the blog on Twitter. Thank you to everyone who’s either a follower or a fan (and not forgetting about those of you who frequently check back on the site to see the new posts)! Please spread the word about this blog, and suggest the Facebook page to friends, you’ll get some imaginary internet cookies if you do. Yay!

Now, moving on, poll results. March was the month of student politics and elections. I posted a collage each from the SRC, GUU and QMU elections (missed the GUSA elections, overslept. The entire day. Oops). As for the results, pretty pleased to see that the majority of respondents do actually vote, leaving just 12% or respondents to consider student elections a waste of time. Quite interested in finding out why people think they’re a waste of time, so if anyone who said they’re a waste of time reads this, do leave a comment below and say why. Pretty please?

The poll for the month of April is asking where you lived during your first year as a student at Glasgow University, be it as an undergraduate or a postgraduate.

The reason I’m asking this question right now is because in the coming months students entering the University in September will be filling in applications for residences, trying to choose between all the possible student halls of residence. To add to this, once the weather gets a bit better, I’m heading out to photograph all the University’s different student halls around Glasgow. Well, attempting to anyway.

If you have any comments about any of the student halls, or short stories about your time at the halls, leave a comment on the bottom of the poll, found here:, or on the coming blog posts featuring the various student halls.

Below, as usual, are all the photos from the last month:
March 1st: The South-West CornerMarch 2nd: West Medical BuildingMarch 3rd: SRC Spring ElectionsMarch 4th: GUU General ElectionMarch 5th: Last of the Ballot BoxesMarch 6th: Spring FlowersMarch 7th: N is for... Nightline [ABC Sundae]March 8th: University Archives ReopenedMarch 9th: Adam Smith's The Wealth of NationsMarch 10th: Miller on University GardensMarch 11th: Hunterian All Packed UpMarch 12th: How Did That Get There?March 13th: Politics Society at HolyroodMarch 14th: The Queen Margaret Union BuildingMarch 15th: The Adam Smith Building, Looking GoodMarch 16th: Graham Kerr Lecture TheatreMarch 17th: QMU Heckling in Jim's BarMarch 18th: QMU Annual Election, Spring 2010March 19th: University Senate Guest Night DinnerMarch 20th: University of Glasgow from Bar HillMarch 21st: O is for... Open Day [ABC Sundae]March 22nd: What Is That? A Four-eyed Monster?March 23rd: The Lights Don't Reach Far EnoughMarch 24th: Kelvin BuildingMarch 25th: Sir Alexander Stone Lecture TheatreMarch 26th: More Spring Flowers and a Broken SignMarch 27th: Stair GardensMarch 28th: A Ship?March 29th: Mackintosh House [What Is That?]March 30th: I Want Spring Already!March 31st: Davidson Building Lecture Theatre (Room 208)



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