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Green Around Campus

Green Around CampusWith Spring on its way, the Gilmorehill campus is starting to look greener every day. Compare this view to a similar view from back last October, when everything was covered in autumn colours. Like that photo, I took this one from one of the windows in the tower of the Glasgow University Library.

You’ll also notice that the scaffolding on the Main Building has now completely overtaken one wing of the building, covering the brunt of the Hunterian Museum for its roofworks, under way for the better part of the next year, perhaps more. You can see what the interior of the Hunterian Museum looks like all packed up here. You may also notice that there is scaffolding and workmen on the John McIntyre Building, which is also closed for renovations, and the SRC has moved around the corner to Southpark Avenue.

As you walk around campus, you’ll notice that the Main Building and the John McIntyre Building aren’t the only ones covered in scaffolding. The tenements on Hillhead Street and Great George Street, which contain the Student Apartments and academic offices, have been covered for the entire academic year, there’s scaffolding on the Boyd Orr Building and the Kelvin Building, and several other places around campus.

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