Your University, One Photo at a Time

April 2010 Recap and Poll Results []

It’s time for exam season again, so good luck to you all. Without further ado, let’s move to the poll results. Where did you live in your first year at Glasgow University? Let’s see the results of the poll:

No real surprises there, as Murano Street is the largest concentration of Glasgow University students and a very likely home for roughly a quarter of new students each year, housing some 1,000 students at a time. Glasgow University has a very large number of “home” students, students from within Glasgow and the surrounding areas, so students living at home being the second largest group is not surprise.  The two Other answers were ‘Cooperage Place’, which the University bought from Unite in 2009, and ‘a flat in Springburn’, so add one to ‘Private Accommodation’.

Seeing as exam season has begun, the poll for the month of May queries about your study habits for exams. What is your favourite place to study for exams?

Below you can find thumbnails of all the posts from the month of April. Which was your favourite?

April 1st: Glowing OrangeApril 2nd: Happy Easter! Spring Is (Almost) Here!April 3rd: Inside the Wolfson Medical School BuildingApril 4th: P is for... Pearce Lodge [ABC Sundae]April 5th: Photo Society ExhibitionApril 6th: Davidson BuildingApril 7th: Easter Cross of DaffodilsApril 8th: SRC Relocating to 65-67 Southpark AvenueApril 9th: Frederick Soddy's IsotopesApril 10th: The West End, in MiniatureApril 11th: The University of Glasgow, in MiniatureApril 12th: Springtime on GilmorehillApril 13th: Lord Kelvin's SundialApril 14th: Rankine BuildingApril 15th: George Service HouseApril 16th: 1840 - 1990April 17th: Boyd Orr View TeaserApril 18th: Q is for... Queen Margaret CollegeApril 19th: What's With The Red 'T' and Where Is This From?April 20th: Defender of the UniversityApril 21st: Gilmorehill from the Boyd Orr BuildingApril 22nd: Rooftops of Hillhead StreetApril 23rd: Lord Kelvin's ResidenceApril 24th: From Partick Bridge at NightApril 25th: Sir Henry JonesApril 26th: Tennent's Becomes GUU (What Is That?)April 27th: Exam Season BeginsApril 28th: Green Around CampusApril 29th: Roofworks on the Hunterian MuseumApril 30th: John McIntyre Building Wrapped Up


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