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R is for… Restructuring [ABC Sundae]

R is for... Restructuring [ABC Sundae] Starting on August 1st this year, the University of Glasgow will undergo a restructuring of its academic Faculties and Departments. Currently there are nine Faculties and the Dumfries Campus, and within those there are 38 Departments and a number of research institutes. Come August, these Faculties and Departments will be converted and squeezed into four Colleges and nineteen Schools within them. Each College will also have its own Graduate School and a Research Institute of sorts.

The Colleges and Schools of the University of Glasgow will be organized as follows:

(Made up of the Faculty of Arts)

  • School of Humanities (Made up of History, Classics, Archaeology (including GUARD), Celtic and Gaelic, HATII, and Philosophy)
  • School of Critical Studies (Made up of English & Scottish Language and Literature, Theology and Religious Studies)
  • School of Culture & Creative Arts (Made up of Theatre, Film & Television Studies, Music, History of Art)
  • School of Modern Languages and Cultures (Made up from the existing school)
  • ArtsLab Glasgow – to promote interdisciplinary research

Made up of the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and the Faculty of Biomedical and Life Sciences)

  • School of Life Sciences
  • School of Medicine
  • School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Plus a number of Research Institutes (in planning phase)

(Made up of the Faculty of Physical Sciences, the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Information and Mathematical Sciences)

  • School of Chemistry
  • School of Computing Science
  • School of Engineering (Made up of Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering)
  • School of Geographical and Earth Sciences
  • School of Mathematics and Statistics
  • School of Physics and Astronomy
  • School of Psychology

(Made up of the Faculty of Law, Business and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Education and Glasgow University Dumfries)

  • Business School (Made up of Economics, Accounting and Finance, Management)
  • School of Education
  • School of Interdisciplinary and Applied Studies at Dumfries (Currently Glasgow University Dumfries)
  • School of Law
  • School of Social and Political Sciences (Made up of Central and East European Studies, Centre for Drug Misuse Research, Economic and Social History, Politics, Sociology, Anthropology and Applied Social Sciences, Urban Studies)
  • Adam Smith Research Foundation – to support interdisciplinary research

Now, what does all this mean, why is this change being implemented, and how will this affect the students and staff at the University of Glasgow? In short, good question, it’s a long story, and we’ll see. Physical changes around campus will be the renaming of Faculties and Departments presumably complete with new signs, the reshuffling and reapplication of the Deans of Faculties and Heads of Departments to new positions, and, well, I guess that’s pretty much it for the larger changes. The changes would allegedly allow students to have a better idea of where they belong at the University academically, and ultimately the changes are to increase the potential and competitiveness of the University of Glasgow, keeping in mind that the University is aiming to be one of the Top 50 Universities in the world. How will it affect the students and staff then? As I said earlier, we’ll see. Probably not by much, especially concerning current students.

Loads more information can be found on the University website at and the FAQs about the restructuring can be found at (you need to be on a University computer to access these pages).

The photo collage above is made up of the the four Colleges: the College of Arts (top left, University Gardens), College of Social Sciences (top right, Adam Smith Building), College of Science and Engineering (bottom left, Rankine Building), and the College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences (bottom right, Wolfson Medical School Building).

What are your thoughts on the restructuring? Good idea? Bad idea?

ABC Sundae is a fortnightly theme day, occurring every other Sunday, one letter of the alphabet at a time. Click here for more ABC Sundae.

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3 responses

  1. Jen

    Interesting. Law as a Social Science? And my degree would have been across two Colleges, not just two Faculties. I wonder if it will still be possible to do degrees that cross Colleges?

    In my case, I did Economic and Social History, Political Economy (which I didn’t see listed so has it changed to Economics?) and English Lit in my first year, then continued with Intermediate Honours PolEcon and HOA EngLit in my second year, adding Ordinary Logic and Metaphysics, and finished off with HOB Eng Lit and a year of Ordinary French Studies. So while I have no doubt a broad MA (Arts) will still exist, will it still be possible/necessary to dip into Social Sciences when achieving it?

    May 7, 2010 at 3:34 pm

    • That’s a good question, one to which I don’t really have a definitive answer. I’d put my money on being able to do your courses over several Colleges and Schools, as otherwise it would limit the choices students have. Part of the reasoning for the restructuring is apparently to allow students to feel more at home by having a single College to belong to, which I assume will (at least initially) be the College within which the School and course you applied for is.

      Don’t hold me to that, but it would seem absolutely bizarre and ridiculous if your couldn’t freely choose all your courses from most of the courses available at the University.

      Oh, and Political Economy has splintered into both Politics and primarily Economics. We’ve had a grand total of one lecture on (International )Political Economy in Politics, and that was at the end of the second term of the second year of Politics.

      May 7, 2010 at 3:49 pm

      • Jen

        OK, well I have to admit I always felt part of the Faculty of Arts, even though much of my degree was SocSci.

        Sounds like PolEcon has effectively become Economics, which didn’t exist as a subject when I was there (late eighties, early nineties). It didn’t really have a Politics slant, it was very Economics, it was just the name that was wider.

        Thanks for the info.

        May 7, 2010 at 3:55 pm

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