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Keep Life Sciences Alive

Keep Life Sciences Alive A protest march wouldn’t be complete without placards and banners, and true to form this protest had its share. The larger banners, such as the Keep Life Sciences Alive seen in the photo, had messages to the Principal like Get Real Anton, and Muscatelli Must Go.

The protest itself was concerned with the following, which I borrowed from the online petition for the protest:

  • Reductions in research funding and an unplanned increase in student intake this year meant that FBLS had a budget deficit of £2.5m
  • The faculty saved over £1m through staff retiring and not renewing staff contracts- putting more pressure on existing staff
  • This left a deficit of over £1m
  • The University Court sanctioned the formation of a strategic change committee which would look for ways to save the money before moving to a redundancy situation
  • We do not know the findings of the strategic change committee, but it has now moved to a redundancy situation
  • It is being estimated that 18 staff out of the 120 remaining will be made redundant
  • The online petition can be found at

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