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Science Petition March

Science Petition MarchThe protest garnered hundreds of people, even in the rain and during exam season. The press was out as well, and Herald Scotland featured the protest in an article, which you can find here. From Library Hill the protest moved to the South Front where the four delegates met with the Principal Anton Muscatelli and presented the petition and the over 2,000 signatures. The rest of the crowd sat around in the Cloisters, waiting for the result of the meeting.

The proposed cuts concern the Faculty of Biomedical and Life Sciences (FBLS), which is one of the largest departments of biological sciences in the UK. With the restructuring of the University coming this summer, and Universities in general around the UK facing tough times and cuts, we might see a lot more of these kinds of protests next year as other Faculties in addition to the FBLS look to the future.

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