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May 2010 Recap and Poll Results []

That’s another term and another academic year behind us. Exams are over, and we eagerly await our results (in other words, constantly and impatiently refreshing WebSurf.) So, where did you all study for your exams? Let’s see the results of the month’s poll:

The two Other answers were “department study room” and “at home with the cats”. I’m kinda surprised that no one studies in a museum, considering the abundance of free museums dotted within and around the University campus. Then again, with a spacious library (although you can never really find a free computer in May), the Kelvingrove Park and the Botanics, and an abundance of cafes around the University, I guess they are more inviting places to study than a museum.

Now, the next months of the summer will be a bit different here at Photos from Glasgow University. Firstly, there will only be one poll for the summer, which I’ll introduce in a bit. Secondly, although I will still post a single photo per day, the updates will come every couple days (hopefully), possibly longer, as I’ll be travelling and otherwise away from a computer and away from Glasgow for the next few months. Thirdly, July will see something completely different, so stay tuned for that.

The poll for the Summer of 2010, which will go on until the end of August, seeks to find out where all the readers of this photoblog come from. In other words, where are you from? I’ve only listed the British Isles and Ireland in the poll, so if you’re from some other country, as many of you probably are, just select Other and type your country of origin in the box.

Below you’ll find thumbnails of all the photos featured this past month. Which was your favourite this month?

May 1st: Exams, Exams, ExamsMay 2nd: R is for... Restructuring [ABC Sundae]May 3rd: Tennent's BarMay 4th: Knowledge and InspirationMay 5th: A Drab Place for MathsMay 6th: An Idea For The Maths BuildingMay 7th: Smart CaféMay 8th: A Stone Out Of PlaceMay 9th: The Renovations from the East QuadrangleMay 10th: "Everything Will Be Alright"May 11th: Chapel Gates on the LeftMay 12th: Chapel Gates on the RightMay 13th: A Stone Back In PlaceMay 14th: Exams in Bute HallMay 15th: The View from Special CollectionsMay 16th: S is for... Scarves [ABC Sundae]May 17th: The Progress of ScienceMay 18th: Creative CCTVMay 19th: Don't Kill Science!May 20th: Keep Life Sciences AliveMay 21st: Science Petition MarchMay 22nd: Old and NewMay 23rd: Anatomy Dissection in the GardenMay 24th: Text in the GardenMay 25th: Oldest Public Museum in ScotlandMay 26th: Revolution 2000-2010May 27th: The Very Reverend Duncan MacFarlanMay 28th: The Blackstone ChairMay 29th: Time's UpMay 30th: T is for... Tower [ABC Sundae]May 31st: Old University Library



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