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Memoriae Sacrum Thomae Reid

Memoriae Sacrum Thomae Reid
Just within the south entrance to the Main Building, under the University Tower, is a marble plaque which originally sat in the Blackfriars’ churchyard on High Street, by the Old College. The plaque commemorates the successor to Adam Smith in the seat of Professor of Moral Philosophy, Thomas Reid, who held the position from 1764 to 1796 (although some sources, including the University of Glasgow Story website and Wikipedia say he retired in 1781).

Right next to the plaque is an information board with more information about Thomas Reid, including the translation of the plaque, which reads as follows:

Sacred to the memory of Thomas Reid, S.T.P., formerly Professor of Philosophy at King’s College, Aberdeen; more recently Professor of Moral Philosophy in the University of Glasgow, from the year 1764 to the year 1796; who renewed everything in the science of the human mind, as once the distinguished Lord Bacon of St. Albans did in natural philosophy; who combined sharpness of mind, all kinds of learning, utmost seriousness of character, and likewise kindness; who died 7th October 1796, at the age of 86, and whose bones together with the ashes of Elizabeth Reid, his much loved wife, and three daughters carried off by premature death, are buried here in this tomb, The erection of this monument was ordered by his most affectionate, and only surviving daughter, Martha Carmichael.

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