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Byres Road at Night

Byres Road at Night

As a University of Glasgow student you will become very familiar with Byres Road, especially considering its proximity to the University. A quick pint with friends on Ashton Lane, studying for exams at a café, browsing the second-hand shops for treasures… Byres Road will add a lot to your time at University. It’s one of the best things about having a campus in the middle of the city, especially in the bohemian West End.

It is at night when the centre of the West End truly comes alive. Well, on most days at least. Sunday to Thursday the streets are populated by students and young people, with older people taking over during the weekend. This is particularly true of Ashton Lane (featured previously). For example, the area inside and outside the converted church at the top of Byres Road (formerly known as Kelvinside Parish Church and now sporting a blue halo on its spire) is packed with middle-aged revellers until 3am on the weekends.

You might be at University to study for the future, but there’s a whole world right next to you for you to experience. Just find the right balance. =)

Glasgow Trivia #3: In the latter half of the 19th century there were attempts to rename Byres Road to Victoria Road, after Queen Victoria. The residents of the area weren’t too pleased with this and kept calling it by the name they preferred. No prizes for guessing who won the dispute. The words “Victoria Cross” and the year “1876” high above the corner of Byres Road and Dowanhill Road are reminiscent of this part of the road’s history. Decoration on the wall of the Waitrose supermarket on Byres Road, both inside the the store and outside, recounts the history of the road.

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