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W is for… Weddings at the University [ABC Sundae]

W is for... Weddings at the University [ABC Sundae]

Ever considered getting married at your alma mater? Taking into account the grandeur and the setting of the University of Glasgow, it is no surprise that the University is a very popular venue for both religious and civil wedding ceremonies. Popular enough that the University restricts the availability of the use of the Chapel and the ceremonial rooms for these purposes only to couples where at least one of the pair is a graduate, member of staff, current student or the child of one of the above.

The Memorial Chapel is available for marriages celebrated in accordance with the rites of the Christian Churches and can seat a up to 320 guests. Civil ceremonies can be held in the Randolph Hall, the Melville Room, the Turnbull Hall, the Kelvin Gallery, and the Hunter Halls (none of which I have photos of, unfortunately.) In the Chapel the ceremony includes the services of a University organist on the organ or grand piano, the University Chapel Choir may be available at an additional fee and even more interestingly, the ceremony will be streamed online via webcam for those who can’t make it. You can view the Chapel webcam live stream here (if requested, the webcam can be turned off during the wedding ceremony).

The fee for all wedding ceremonies taking place in the University in 2010 the fee is £1050 and in 2011 it will be £1080. Current staff and students of the University are eligible for a 25% discount. During term time ceremonies can only be performed on Saturdays, but outside of term time ceremonies may be held on any day of the week. The wedding reception can also be held at the University, in Randolph Hall, the Hunter Halls, One A The Square and quite temptingly, Bute Hall.

For more information on Weddings at the University of Glasgow, visit the Chapel website.

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