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The Unicorn on the Staircase

The Unicorn on the StaircaseAlmost 60 years after the Lion and Unicorn Staircase had been moved from the Old College to Gilmorehill in 1870, the construction of the War Memorial Chapel, which enclosed the West Quadrangle within the Gilbert Scott Building, also significantly altered the Lion and Unicorn Staircase for the first time since 1690. At the Old College on High Street and similarly on Gilmorehill, the staircase turned right at its middle landing, but as the Chapel was constructed the staircase was altered to turn left, as you can see in Monday’s photo.

In addition, other new facilities were added on both sides of the Chapel, as well as underneath it. The staircase at the north-west corner of the Gilbert Scott Building was removed, and new rooms were added, notably the Fore Hall (note to self, find Fore Hall and photograph it). At the top of the centuries old staircase is the Chaplaincy and the Department of Accounting and Finance, which can also be accessed from the West Quadrangle.

The first two parts of this tiny little mini-series on the Lion and Unicorn Staircase can be found here and here. I’ve featured and written about what the Unicorn stands for as recently as last June, so there’s no need to repeat what has been said before. The previous post is here.

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