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Roond Cludgie

Roond Cludgie


The round wooden centrepiece of the Round Reading Room (where pretty much everything is round) features a small staircase to another floor and beyond, to the toilets. Yeah, glamorous, isn’t it? Apparently there’s also a study room down there, but in posting this I realized that I’ve never actually gone down those stairs. At one point I was thinking of all the different places around campus which I want to feature, for example as many lecture theatres and cafes and libraries I can get around to photographing. Toilets? Should they be included in this list?

I don’t know why I decided to title this post in Scots, but it sounded better than “Round Toilets”. If the translation is wrong, blame online translators, and my ineptitude, of course.

[Summer 2010 Poll: Where Are You From?]
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  1. I don’t know about the gents, but the ground floor ladies toilets in the library are fascinating. I always thought about taking a picture but never quite dared (there was always someone in another cubicle). The walls are always covered in questions and answers, it’s like a giant problem page. They paint over it every so often, but it’s covered again within a few weeks.

    October 3, 2010 at 12:03 pm

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