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Murano Street from Gilmorehill

Murano Street from GilmorehillAround a thousand Freshers will call this their home for their first year at the University of Glasgow. The light sand-coloured buildings that make up the Murano Street Student Village in Firhill is the largest concentration of Glasgow University student in the city, but it’s by no means the only one. There’s also the catered Wolfson Hall up in Garscube, the relatively new Queen Margaret Residences in Kelvinside and the combination of Cairncross House and Kelvinhaugh Street in Kelvinhaugh close to the Clyde, with Maclay Residences quite close by.

I never stayed at any of the Student Halls of Residence in first year, but in Student Flats on Great George Street (the difference being that I didn’t have to share with anyone I didn’t know beforehand), so I can’t recount any really crazy stories of first year in halls, stories which most people who have had this experience will have a number of. If you want to share some of those stories with everyone else, please leave a comment below this post.

The above photo was taken from the Special Collections on the 12th floor of the University Library. Murano Street is actually a lot further from the University than the photo might make it seem, because I had to zoom in to actually find it. The unzoomed view from the 12th floor has been posted before, which you find here.

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