Your University, One Photo at a Time

Summer 2010 Recap

The second year of Photos from Glasgow University has started, and with it came a few changes, such as larger photos, a simpler theme, and attempts to streamline the captions. Feedback on the changes and the new look would be much appreciated.

The poll for the last three months was a simple question: Where are you from? There were 65 answers, which were quite well spread out. Scotland, not too surprisingly, came out on top with 20 entries, followed by the United States (with 5), England and India (with 4), and Canada, Finland, Germany, and N. Ireland (with 3).

The only real surprises were that no one said Ireland or Wales, and I’ve never heard of a country called Marvelous.

Moving on, you might have noticed that there have been a few technical difficulties with posting photos on a daily basis. In other words, my laptop decided to go on strike, refusing to turn on, as well as being incredibly slow and lazy, taking about a day and a half to open even a single image file, having been getting progressively worse since February or March. Please bear with me while I claw through these temporary difficulties and get every the blog up to date and up to speed. Which I guess means I need a new laptop soon. Oh well.

The poll for the next two months is as follows:

What societies have you been a member of at Glasgow University?

The poll only includes a small sampling of different societies around campus, one per letter of the alphabet where possible. If there’s a society that you have been a member of that isn’t on the list, go right ahead and enter it in the Other section at the bottom of the poll. There’s no limit to how many societies you can enter, so go ahead and enter every single one that you’ve ever been a member of.

Below, as per usual, are the thumbnails from the past three months. Which one was your favourite? Least favourite?

June 2010

June 1st: One Year of Photos from Glasgow UniversityJune 2nd: The SquareJune 3rd: Professors' Square and Stair BuildingJune 4th: St Mungo on the ChapelJune 5th: St Kentigern in the ChapelJune 6th: In RemembranceJune 7th: East End of the ChapelJune 8th: Uplifting PolkadotsJune 9th: South Entrance to the Main BuildingJune 10th: William Turnbull - 1451June 11th: Duke of Montrose - 1870June 12th: The Way, The Truth, The LifeJune 13th: U is for... University Avenue [ABC Sundae]June 14th: University of Glasgow Coat of ArmsJune 15th: University in the SummerJune 16th: Qudos RenovationJune 17th: Florentine HouseJune 18th: Bute Hall OrganJune 19th: Memoriae Sacrum Thomae ReidJune 20th: Remnants of the Old CollegeJune 21st: UnicornJune 22nd: LionJune 23rd: Arts That Benefit EveryoneJune 24th: The Hunter MemorialJune 25th: University NurseryJune 26th: Colours of Bute HallJune 27th: V is for... Via Veritas Vita [ABC Sundae]June 28th: 1914-1918June 29th: The Mysterious Statue of Adam SmithJune 30th: Silhouette of Glasgow University

July 2010

July 1st: McGill University on Canada DayJuly 2nd: Dear Green PlaceJuly 3rd: Byres RoadJuly 4th: Byres Road at NightJuly 5th: Botanic GardensJuly 6th: Kibble PalaceJuly 7th: River KelvinJuly 8th: Kelvinbridge and Great Western RoadJuly 9th: Kelvingrove ParkJuly 10th: Kelvingrove Art Gallery and MuseumJuly 11th: W is for... Weddings at the University [ABC Sundae]July 12th: River ClydeJuly 13th: Clydebuilt - Glasgow's Shipbuilding HeritageJuly 14th: The Armadillo and the SECCJuly 15th: BBC Alba at the Pacific QuayJuly 16th: Clockwork OrangeJuly 17th: The Golden ZJuly 18th: Argyle StreetJuly 19th: Buchanan StreetJuly 20th: Sauchiehall StreetJuly 21st: Princes SquareJuly 22nd: Gallery of Modern ArtJuly 23rd: Central StationJuly 24th: Glasgow City ChambersJuly 26th: George SquareJuly 27th: The BarrasJuly 28th: Fireworks at Glasgow GreenJuly 29th: Glasgow CathedralJuly 30th: Inside Glasgow CathedralJuly 31st: Glasgow Necropolis

August 2010

August 1st: Universitas GlasguensisAugust 2nd: A City-Based UniversityAugust 3rd: Sunset SpiresAugust 4th: Summer's Green LeavesAugust 5th: Blossoming SpiresAugust 6th: Vintage UniversityAugust 7th: Byres Road BubbleAugust 8th: Y is for... Young Elephant [ABC Sundae]August 9th: Monkey-Puzzle TreeAugust 10th: From Partick Bridge to the TowerAugust 11th: From the Stewart Memorial Fountain to the TowerAugust 12th: From Kelvingrove's St Mungo to the TowerAugust 13th: From Byres Road to the TowerAugust 14th: From the Highland Light Infantry Memorial to the TowerAugust 15th: The Lion and Unicorn StaircaseAugust 16th: The Lion on the StaircaseAugust 17th: The Unicorn on the StaircaseAugust 18th: White SpireAugust 19th: Snowy University of GlasgowAugust 20th: Students in the SunAugust 21st: University AvenueAugust 22nd: Z is for... Zoology [ABC Sundae]August 23rd: From the Adam Smith Building to the TowerAugust 24th: Inside the Orbicular BuildingAugust 25th: Roond CludgieAugust 26th: Autumn Colours in the SpringAugust 27th: Courtyard of LinksAugust 28th: Murano Street from GilmorehillAugust 29th: Parking in the GardensAugust 30th: Dual SpiresAugust 31st: Kelvin Building of Physics and Astronomy

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