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Welcome to the University of Glasgow

Welcome to the University of Glasgow

Just inside the Memorial Gates on the North Front of the University is the above sign. Hands up, how many of you have had their photo taken next to this, with the Main Building in the background? It’s one of the most common places to pose by, judging by how often you’ll see people having their picture taken there. Tourists mainly. There’s one other place that’s really popular, perhaps even more so than the above, for touristy photos: the sculpture outside the Gregory Building.

Any other really touristy posing spots around campus that you can think of?

[Sept-Oct 2010 Poll: What societies have you been a member of at Glasgow University?]
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One response

  1. Raj

    One where I’ve seen a lot of people posing is by the small willow tree on the south front (just next to the James Watt South building). You can get quite a dramatic shot of the main building from that angle.

    October 11, 2010 at 8:55 am

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