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A is for… Archaeology [ABC Sundae]

A is for... Archaeology [ABC Sundae] A new year of ABC Sundae kicks of with Archaeology. I’ll explain my reasons for choosing Archaeology later on. The Archaeology Department, now under the School of Humanities, is the largest archaeology department in Scotland. According to the Guardian University Guide 2011, the course is the fifth in the UK and first in Scotland for Archaeology.

In addition to the study and research of archaeology at the University of Glasgow, the Hunterian Museum holds vast collections of Romans in Scotland (available virtually on their website), among other archaeological treasures. When the main wing of the Hunterian Museum reopens next spring, these collections will probably be back on display. The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum also has several archaeological collections, including the flint arrowheads which we got to examine during the first Archaeology tutorial.

The reason I’m choosing to highlight Archaeology over other subjects at the University of Glasgow is because I took Archaeology Level 1 last year as my elective “fun” course. As a part of this course we were taken on three field trips during the year, to some of the numerous archaeological sites around Scotland. Naturally, I have numerous photos from those trips.

The first of those trips took the class to the West of Scotland, to Argyll and Bute. The main sites there were Kilmartin Linear Cemetery, Temple Wood, Nether Largie Cairn, Kilmartin Cemetery, Dunadd Hillfort and Achnabreck. You can view the photos of the first trip here.

The second trip took us to Glasgow Cathedral, the Roman fort of Rough Castle on the Antonine Wall, Linlithgow Palace and Cairnpapple Hill. You can view the photos of the second trip here.

The third trip took us to Dunblane Cathedral, Doune Castle, Tappoch Broch and the Roman fort of Bar Hill. You can view the photos of the third trip here.

ABC Sundae is a fortnightly theme day, occurring every other Sunday, one letter of the alphabet at a time.
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