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Sir Graeme Davies Building

Sir Graeme Davies Building

If you walk around these buildings, you may think they’re mirror images, and you’d be almost right. One difference is that the one on the left has seven levels while the one on the right only has six. Additionally, only the one on the left is named after someone. Sir Graeme Davies (1937-), from New Zealand, was the Principal of the University of Glasgow 1995-2003.

The two buildings, linked by a two-floor glass walkway, are the Glasgow Biomedical Research Centre (Sir Graeme Davies Building) on the left and the British Heart Foundation (BHF) Glasgow Cardiovascular Research Centre on the right, and contain medical research and laboratory facilities.

The Sir Graeme Davies Building has some interesting lighting on it in the evenings, with the wall to the left sporting a light-grid and the staircase just to the left of the shot showing off with alternating colours. I’ve yet to remember to take a photo of either of them, so that’s still to come one day.

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