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Freshers’ Week ’10: The Rest

Freshers' Week '10: The RestAnd finally, the fifth collage from the 2010 Freshers’ Week at Glasgow University. The above are photos which didn’t fit into the earlier collages, but ones which I felt I wanted to post as well, such as the steampunk gun from the Glasgow University E. Steampunk Society, the “For SRC Advise Centre use only” leaflet holders packed with flyers for various clubs and bars, Joker staring back at you from the poster sale in the Cloisters, the table that the Communist Party had outside the QMU, complete with a red flag with Che Guevara on it, and especially these words of advice: NEVER EVER park your car on University Gardens (or University Avenue for that matter) during Freshers’ Week.

The right-most larger photo is of the Freshers’ registration. Apparently the computer system crashed just as they were letting people in to register, and had to stop for a while. The queue extended from underneath the Hunterian Museum to the other end of the Cloisters (see the two photos below the one with “ID Cards” in it. At another time, the line extended all the way to the South Front of the University. Eek, that must have been fun.

More photos from Freshers’ Week at Glasgow University can be found here.

[Sept-Oct 2010 Poll: What societies have you been a member of at Glasgow University?]
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