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C is for… Construction [ABC Sundae]

C is for... Construction [ABC Sundae]

An inescapable fact of life, you just can’t escape construction and repair around campus, especially at those Universities which boast grand ancient buildings. When I came to the University of Glasgow, I heard that the University had spent some £300 million over the past 5 years on restoration and construction, as well as plans to spend anothe £175 million over the course of the next 5 years or so. (the exact numbers escape me, and I’m not completely certain about those figures, so it’s a ball park figure).

The University of Glasgow has seen some significant construction and restoration projects in the past decade. Completely new additions to the campus from the past ten years include the Sir Graeme Davies Building (Glasgow Biomedical Research Centre), the adjoining BHF Glasgow Cardiovascular Research Centre, the Wolfson Medical School Building and the Sir Alwyn Williams Building.

In the past few years there has been restoration work done on the Kelvin Building, the East Quadrangle, the John McIntyre Building, Lilybank Gardens, the tenements on Hillhead Street and Great George Street, the Adam Smith Building, the upgrading of the Boyd Orr lecture theatres, the complete refurbishment and redesign of the Fraser Building and the current roofworks on the Hunterian Museum in the Main Building. To name a few. In addition, the interior of the Bower Building has been rebuilt after the fire in 2001, the Sir Charles Wilson Building and the Gilmorehill Centre were converted from churches to University use.

I’ve probably left out a number of restoration projects, but there’ll be plenty more.

The above photo was taken towards the end of my first year at Glasgow University, on Bute Lane outside the Hetherington Building, which was extended for the entire duration of my first year.

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