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E is for… Exams [ABC Sundae]

E is for... Exams [ABC Sundae]Examinations are a necessary part of the University experience, like it or not. The interesting thing about exams for Honours classes (at least for Politics Honours) is that we don’t have exams at the end of Term 1, but on the other hand, we do have up to six of them during the Spring exam season. That means less panic right during December, less studying in a cold flat while wearing eight layers of clothing and a woolly hat, less stress right before the holidays and essentially more holiday days. Not bad.

Everyone has their own ways of going about exams, and there are so many things you see at every single exam. You see some people with their heads on the table for quite a bit of the exam, some with piles of pens just in case they all break, some with several cans of energy drinks and a large bottle of water, and some who seem to be able to write like there’s no tomorrow from the very beginning of the exam to the very end. Someone always has a cough, someone always has a runny nose, someone just can’t sit comfortably and keeps shifting (which makes a lot of noise in Bute Hall), and someone always needs to go to the bathroom several times. Never seen anyone fall asleep, yet, although at one exam one person did have their head on the desk for most of the exam. Anything I’ve forgotten?

Which ones of the above are you guilty of? I always have a lot of pens and drinks with me, and a flu every now and then.

Which brings me to something I realized a while back: why are exams during the times when everyone has a flu or a cold or hay fever?

ABC Sundae is a fortnightly theme day, occurring every other Sunday, one letter of the alphabet at a time.
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