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Scott’s Snow

Scott's SnowOne of my favourite shots of the neo-Gothic Gilbert Scott Building at the University of Glasgow, the roofs and spires covered in a light blanket of snow. With the exception of the cars in the foreground, a few modern windows, and the highrises far off in the distance, this photo could have been taken any time in the past century (well, any point since 1929 when the Chapel was built and the western façade was closed).

That’s the last of the snow photos from the University of Glasgow, for now. I have a few more tucked away which I’ll use at some point during the winter.

[Nov-Dec 2010 Poll: Should the University Library be open 24 hours a day?]
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One response

  1. Margaret

    I understand that the Glasgow University spire was designed by an unknown young architect named Thomas Deane. However; the credit was taken by the firm who had been commisisoned to re design the spire after the original spire was destroyed by fire.

    December 30, 2013 at 5:55 pm

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