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I is for… Interfaith Chaplaincy [ABC Sundae]

I is for... Interfaith Chaplaincy [ABC Sundae]

The University of Glasgow was established as an ecclesiastical institution, founded by a Papal Bull from Pope Nicholas V on January 7th, 1451. Over five and a half centuries after the University’s catholic upbringing in the Glasgow Cathedral, the University’s religious Services are focused round the Interfaith Chaplaincy.

The current Chaplain of the University is the Reverend Stuart MacQuarrie, a Church of Scotland Minister from the Iona Community. In addition, the University appoints Honorary Chaplains of other denominations. These include a Roman Catholic Chaplain, a Free Church of Scotland Chaplain, a Quaker Representative, an International Chaplain, a Humanist adviser, a Jewish Chaplain, a Muslim Chaplain, a Sikh Chaplain, an Anglican/Episcopalian Lay Chaplain, and a Buddhist Chaplain.

There is a short 10-minute daily Service during term time in the Chapel at 8.45am (Monday to Friday), led by students and staff of the University. The daily service is open to all students, staff and visitors. In addition, there are many other services and prayer groups of different faiths during the week, which you can find out about on the Chaplaincy website.

ABC Sundae is a fortnightly theme day, occurring every other Sunday, one letter of the alphabet at a time.
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