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The Chapel on Gilmorehill

The Chapel on Gilmorehill

The (current) Chapel at the University of Glasgow has only been around since 1929. From the University’s ecclesiastical foundation in 1451 in a chapter house at the Glasgow Cathedral, the University’s religious services have had several places of residence. The first one of these was Blackfriars or College Kirk on the grounds of the Old College. which was granted to the University, first partially by Queen Mary in 1563 (the rest were granted to the City), and then fully by the City of Glasgow in 1572. Services continued at Blackfriars Church until 1764.

In 1764, a dedicated Chapel was resolved to be established in the Common Hall of the University, and it opened that year on October 14th. Services in the Common Hall continued until 1848. Funds were set aside to open a College Chapel, but nothing came of it for 23 years.

On this day in 1871 the University Chapel was reopened at Gilmorehill. For the life of me I can’t figure out where it was situated between 1871 and 1929, when the current University Chapel was built into the western façade of the Gilbert Scott Building (but I figure it would have been within the confines of the newly-built Gilbert Scott Building).

By the way, if you’re wondering where you can find Blackfriars Church nowadays, you can’t. It was swept away with the rest of the Old College buildings when the University moved to Gilmorehill and the land was sold to the Railway Company.

More “On This Day” entries can be found on Glasgow University Story website at maintained by the Archive Services. Information also from University Story site and various other sources.

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