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John McIntyre and the GUU

John McIntyre and the GUU

Although John McIntyre is nowadays primarily associated with the Students’ Representative Council (SRC), that has not always been the case. When the (male) students of Glasgow University met in Bute Hall in 1885 and decided to establish a students’ union, it was John McIntyre who provided the £5,000 to fund the construction of a dedicated building for the union, a building which would come to house the Glasgow University Union, the Queen Margaret Union, and now the SRC: the John McIntyre Building.

The above bust and plaque can be found on a landing in the main staircase of the Glasgow University Union’s building at the foot of University Avenue. The plaque reads:

This building erected for the use and benefit of the students of Glasgow by John McIntyre M.D., Odinham, Hampshire, a former student of this University, is dedicated to the memory of his beloved wife Anne, daughter of the late Francis Tweddell Esquire of Threepwood, Northumberland. 1887

Come to think of it, isn’t this particular plaque supposed to be in the John McIntyre Building? Or is it a later creation specifically for the GUU? The same text appears on the north front of the John McIntyre Building. In fact, it’s identical to this one.

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