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Welcome to
Photos from Glasgow University

Photos from Glasgow University is a photoblog with a simple premise: a photo will appear here once a day, featuring an aspect of the University of Glasgow and the life of a student there.

Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words. Nevertheless, I’ll add captions to pretty much every photo, explaining what you’re looking at and the history of what you’re looking at.


I’m an avid photographer and have been thinking about an avenue to share and make use of my photos. I thought about starting a daily photo blog about Glasgow, but there was already a great Glasgow Daily Photo blog and I wanted to do something different. Looking though the 3000+ 5000+ photos I’ve taken during my first year at the University (not including party pictures and pictures of people), I noticed that most of the photos were taken on the university campus. Thinking about it, does a city photo blog have to be about a city? How’s about a University Daily Photo blog?


As a student, I spend most of my time at as a student at GlasgowGlasgow University in PhotosUniversity at, well, at the University, either at lectures, tutorials, the library, the museums, the student unions, or just wondering around. As an avid photographer, I typically (read: always) have my camera with me, or at the very least my cellphone, and I often go off on photography walks, especially at night time when the main buildings of the University are lit up.

I believe the campus of Glasgow University is beautiful and interesting, and as an ancient University with over 550 years of history behind it, there is much for me to explore and share through photography. As an added bonus, this photo blog will allow me to practice my amateurish photography skills, as well as provide me with a fantastic opportunity to explore the University where I will spend at least four years of my life.

Once in a while I will take a few days off from the intended subject and show the area around the University, as an interesting world does exist outside of the University campus.

You can always find more detailed information about Glasgow University at the University website and on Wikipedia.

This photo blog is not affiliated with the University of Glasgow in any official form, besides my status as an undergraduate student at said University.


  • To provide prospective students to Glasgow University with a student’s perspective of the University,
  • To have a place to exhibit some of my better photographs to a wider audience,
  • To give my brother another thing to mock me about,
  • To provide me with a quasi-useful mode of procrastination,
  • To show prospective, current and former students that there more to their alma mater than lectures, the library, and partying at the unions.
  • To explore the history of Glasgow University and share what I learn with a wider audience.


JaniMy name is Jani, and I’m a undergraduate student at Glasgow University in Glasgow, Scotland. I’m currently wrapping up the first year of my academic career, which means there’ll be at least another three years worth of daily photos from Glasgow University. You can find my personal blog at and my blog about living and studying at Glasgow University, I’m also on Twitter (@janihelle). You can use this handy dandy form to contact me, were there a need for you to do so.


My tools of choice are the Canon PowerShot SX10 IS and the Nokia N900 (soon, hopefully, maybe). Previously I relied on the Nokia N95 for the majority of my thousands of photos, as well as an older version of the Samsung S850 and a Panasonic DMC-LZ10 (which is my girlfriend’s camera.)


© 2009-2010 All Rights Reserved.
The photos presented within this blog may not be used without prior permission, but permission is usually given promptly (if I remember to check my email). Please contact me at jani [at] glasgowuniphoto [dot] com to attain permission. Okey dokey?


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