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Below you can find every single photo featured on this blog, beginning from June 2009 at the top. The page will be updated at the beginning of each month with the past month’s photos. (Last update: July 1st 2010)

June 1st: University of Glasgow at NightJune 2nd: Glasgow University LibraryJune 3rd: The South FrontJune 4th: Glass and ConcreteJune 5th: The Fraser BuildingJune 6th: University Tower from Kelvingrove ParkJune 7th: CloistersJune 8th: The Practice of Antiseptic SurgeryJune 9th: University GardensJune 10th: A Magnificent BuildingJune 11th: Red Telephone BoxesJune 12th: Boyd Orr BuildingJune 13th: Adam Smith BuildingJune 14th: Glasgow, Scotland with StyleJune 15th: A Panorama of Glasgow UniversityJune 16th: Glasgow University UnionJune 17th: Queen Margaret UnionJune 18th: St KentgernusJune 19th: Smi h On The Memorial GatesJune 20th: Liquid NitrogenJune 21st: Gloomy Irn-Bru NightJune 22nd: University Library from University Avenue [Library Week]June 23rd: Old Books [Library Week]June 24th: Library Annexe [Library Week]June 25th: Greek Testament [Library Week]June 26th: Politics Section [Library Week]June 27th: Soviet Studies [Library Week]June 28th: University Library in the Winter [Library Week]June 29th: University TowerJune 30th: Main Building and The SquareJuly 1st: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and WizardryJuly 2nd: Through the CloistersJuly 3rd: Tower at NightJuly 4th: Lit At DuskJuly 5th: Quadrangles PanoramaJuly 6th: Freshers' Ball [Party Week]July 7th: Ceilidh [Party Week]July 8th: Revolution at Qudos [Party Week]July 9th: Daft Friday [Party Week]July 10th: Cheesy Pop [Party Week]July 11th: Chicane at Daft Friday [Party Week]July 12th: School Disco at The Hive [Party Week]June 13th: Miller, the Adam Smith Building CatJune 14th: Stained-Glass Windows at the Glasgow University ChapelJune 15th: Round Reading RoomJune 16th: University Avenue PanoramaJune 17th: TommorowJuly 18th: Joseph Black M.D.July 19th: The University at NightJuly 20th: The Hunterian Museum [Museum Week]July 21st: The Skull of Robert the Bruce [Museum Week]July 22nd: World's Smallest Dinosaur FootprintJuly 23rd: Cross-Section of a Human Brain [Museum Week]July 24th: Mesolite Crystals on Basalt [Museum Week]July 25th: Deformed Boar Thingamabob [Museum Week]July 26th: Hunterian Zoology Museum [Museum Week]July 27th: University Tower Reflected on the Wolfson Medical School BuildingJuly 28th: 100th Anniversary of the First Powered Flight in ScotlandJuly 29th: Fraser Building and Glasgow University LibraryJuly 30th: A Window at the Glasgow University UnionJuly 31st: Windows and CloudsAugust 1st: Urban Studies Door DetailAugust 2nd: The Tree That Never GrewAugust 3rd: SRC Election PostersAugust 4th: ProtestAugust 5th: QMU ElectionAugust 6th: The Flash Mob Respects Human RightsAugust 7th: GUSA ElectionsAugust 8th: Occupied BuildingAugust 9th: Reactions to Student PoliticsAugust 10th: University of Glasgow at NightAugust 11th: Lilybank House at NightAugust 12th: Wolfson Medical School Building at NightAugust 13th: University Avenue at NightAugust 14th: South Front at NightAugust 15th: From Partick BridgeAugust 16th: From Sauchiehall StreetAugust 17th: Cairncross HouseAugust 18th: Murano Street Student VillageAugust 19th: Student ApartmentsAugust 20th: Shoes on a WireAugust 21st: Lock It or Lose ItAugust 22nd: Eastern End of University AvenueAugust 23rd: Western End of University AvenueAugust 24th: University Tower at NightAugust 25th: Boyd Orr Building and Queen Margaret UnionAugust 26th: View From The Adam Smith BuildingAuguts 27th: View From Glasgow University LibraryAugust 28th: Aerial View of Glasgow UniversityAugust 29th: Boyd Orr Lecture TheatreAugust 30th: Political PhilosophyAugust 31st: Panorama from the TowerSeptember 1st: Welcome to the University of GlasgowSeptember 2nd: University Avenue [Day & Night]September 3rd: Edvard Munch Prints at the Hunterian Art GallerySeptember 4th: Hetherington Research Club at NightSeptember 5th: Gregory Building at NightSeptember 6th: A is for... Adam Smith [ABC Sundae]September 7th: John Smith's BookshopSeptember 8th: Memorial Gates at NightSeptember 9th: Barclay Medical CentreSeptember 10th: Open Day at Glasgow UniversitySeptember 11th: The T is Back!!September 12th: Bute Hall on Open DaySeptember 13th: East Quadrangle on Open DaySeptember 14th: Day One, Freshers' Week 2009September 15th: Day Two, Freshers' Week '09September 16th: Day Three, Freshers' Week '09September 17th: Day Four, Freshers' Week '09September 18th: New Entrance to The HiveSeptember 19th: The University from Byres RoadSeptember 22nd: B is for... Bus Service [ABC Sundae]September 21st: Stone Plaque from the Old CollegeSeptember 22nd: Boyd Orr at SunsetSeptember 23rd: CrookedSeptember 24th: Autumn Is A Stressful TimeSeptember 25th: Midwifery, Not History of MagicSeptember 26th: This Way to Ashton LaneSeptember 27th: Ashton LaneSeptember 28th: Glasgow University Nordic Society Pub CrawlSeptember 29th: At The ClubSeptember 30th: Glasgow University Library Turns 41 TodayAnderson CollegeOctober 2nd: Cheesy Pop AftermathOctober 3rd: BOB, 37 Years OldOctober 4th: C is for... Chapel [ABC Sundae]October 5th: Library Level 3 Annexe Now (Not) OpenOctober 6th: Giant Piggy BankOctober 7th: New Library Cafe AreaOctober 8th: GUU By-ElectionOctober 9th: What's Going On Here?October 10th: HockeyOctober 11th: Archaeology Field Trip to Kilmartin GlenOctober 12th: Protesting Outside The Recruitment OfficeOctober 13th: Autumn YellowOctober 14th: Welcome To GarscubeOctober 15th: Welcome to Special CollectionsOctober 16th: On A Cloudy Autumn DayOctober 17th: John McIntyre BuildingOctober 18th: D is for... Deadline [ABC Sundae]October 19th: Research ClubOctober 20th: Principal's LodgingOctober 21st: SRC ElectionsOctober 22nd: The Biggest Thesaurus In The WorldOctober 23rd: You Can Make A DifferenceOctober 24th: Bower Building Fire, 8 Years AgoOctober 25th: Chopped DownOctober 26th: Study PodsOctober 27th: A Snake, a Pyramid, and a StarOctober 28th: Spiral StaircaseOctober 29th: Tennent's On TapOctober 30th: I <3 VD @ GUUOctober 31st: Happy Halloween!November 1st: E is for... Education [ABC Sundae]November 2nd: Welcome To The Fraser BuildingNovember 3rd: Student ServicesNovember 4th: Service DeskNovember 5th: Food For ThoughtNovember 6th: Student DiningNovember 7th: Collages and MirrorsNovember 8th: Someone Loves BooksNovember 9th: Morning Over GlasgowNovember 10th: Wellington Church at NightNovember 11th: Remembrance DayNovember 12th: QMU By-ElectionNovember 13th: Sir Gilbert Scott BuildingNovember 14th: Bust of MacLellanNovember 15th: F is for... FoodNovember 16th: What's This Doing In Glasgow Cathedral?November 17th: Sir Alexander Stone BuildingNovember 18th: Debating at Glasgow UniversityNovember 19th: Autumn Is Almost OverNovember 20th: A Lecturer's View, Adam Smith T415November 21st: Adam Smith Lecture Theatre T415November 22nd: The View from Adam Smith T415November 23rd: View North from Adam Smith T415November 24th: Books Cast Away?November 25th: Lion On The RoofNovember 26th: PinkNovember 27th: Diagram of an ObjectNovember 28th: Flint ArrowheadsNovember 29th: G is for... Graffiti [ABC Sundae]November 30th: BagpipesDecember 1st: World AIDS DayDecember 2nd: World AIDS Day FlashmobDecember 3rd: The Ugliest Building at Glasgow UniversityDecember 4th: John Boyd Orr, 1880-1971December 5th: BOB the BrutalistDecember 6th: Underneath BOBDecember 7th: Pretty ChimneysDecember 8th: FogDecember 9th: Glasgow University Panorama (from the roof of the QMU)December 10th: Dirty DishesDecember 11th: A Dolphin?December 12th: GUU at NightDecember 13th: H is for... Hunter [ABC Sundae]December 14th: Warming UpDecember 15th: Spires In The FogDecember 16th: Infinity StairwellDecember 17th: Working Late On A Foggy NightDecember 18th: 100th Daft FridayDecember 19th: The Theme for Daft Friday 2009...December 20th: Daft Friday CeilidhDecember 21st: The GUU on Daft Friday 2009December 22nd: Hunter Memorial InscriptionDecember 23rd: Memorial Gates and Round Reading RoomDecember 24th: 1939-1945December 25th: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!December 26th: Wellington Church Christmas TreeDecember 27th: I is for... Inscription [ABC Sundae]December 28th: Golden GatesDecember 29th: Golden CloistersDecember 30th: Monochrome CloistersDecember 31st: HopeJanuary 1st: Here's To A Brand New Year!January 2nd: Snowy University GardensJanuary 3rd: Main GateJanuary 4th: Bower BuildingJanuary 5th: Fraser Building and Round Reading RoomJanuary 6th: Jack Peñate at Daft Friday 2009January 7th: After The ShowJanuary 8th: Wolfson Medical School BuildingJanuary 9th: Stevenson BuildingJanuary 10th: J is for... Jani at Jim'sJanuary 11th: Maths BuildingJanuary 12th: Pontecorvo BuildingJanuary 13th: University GardensJanuary 14th: Three Squares GyratoryJanuary 15th: Bute GardensJanuary 16th: Gregory Building EntranceJanuary 17th: Gregory Building and The TowerJanuary 18th: What's Is That? A Clown Face?January 19th: A Lecture Theatre MakeoverJanuary 20th: Anderson College and Thurso StreetJanuary 21st: 50p to HaitiJanuary 22nd: Entrance to the Beer BarJanuary 23rd: The Beer BarJanuary 24th: K is for... Kelvin [ABC Sundae]January 25th: Fraser Building Wall Decoration (What Is That?)January 26th: "Encouraging" GraffitiJanuary 27th: Attack of the TubesJanuary 28th: New Pair of Shoes (On A Wire)January 29th: Lilybank GardensJanuary 30th: New Outdoor BenchesJanuary 31st: Billiards BanFebruary 1st: What Is Room 256?February 2nd: Royal Infirmary Academic DepartmentsFebruary 3rd: Bored In LecturesFebruary 4th: A World of ScaffoldingFebruary 5th: Ghosts In The Trees (Day & Night)February 6th: Welcoming CollageFebruary 7th: L is for... Libraries [ABC Sundae]February 8th: A Small Door (What Is That?)February 9th: Lord Kelvin's Modern Glaswegian StyleFebruary 10th: Department of Organic ChemistryFebruary 11th: Joseph Black BuildingFebruary 12th: In SepiaFebruary 13th: Site of Future Development?February 14th: Undercroft EntrywayFebruary 15th: University Avenue & University PlaceFebruary 16th: Dark CornersFebruary 17th: Wikipedia @ The HunterianFebruary 18th: Rainbow Flag?February 19th: Lostprophets DJ SetFebruary 20th: Joseph Black Building (Day & Night)February 21st: M is for... Magazines [ABC Sundae]February 22nd: On This Site Stood The University of GlasgowFebruary 23rd: Stairs to the Hunterian Museum and Bute HallFebruary 24th: John Smith, 1938-1994February 25th: Art Gallery, Library, HubFebruary 26th: The Hetherington Research Club is ClosedFebruary 27th: The Number 15?February 28th: Southern Entrance to the University of GlasgowMarch 1st: The South-West CornerMarch 2nd: West Medical BuildingMarch 3rd: SRC Spring ElectionsMarch 4th: GUU General ElectionMarch 5th: Last of the Ballot BoxesMarch 6th: Spring FlowersMarch 7th: N is for... Nightline [ABC Sundae]March 8th: University Archives ReopenedMarch 9th: Adam Smith's The Wealth of NationsMarch 10th: Miller on University GardensMarch 11th: Hunterian All Packed UpMarch 12th: How Did That Get There?March 13th: Politics Society at HolyroodMarch 14th: The Queen Margaret Union BuildingMarch 15th: The Adam Smith Building, Looking GoodMarch 16th: Graham Kerr Lecture TheatreMarch 17th: QMU Heckling in Jim's BarMarch 18th: QMU Annual Election, Spring 2010March 19th: University Senate Guest Night DinnerMarch 20th: University of Glasgow from Bar HillMarch 21st: O is for... Open Day [ABC Sundae]March 22nd: What Is That? A Four-eyed Monster?March 23rd: The Lights Don't Reach Far EnoughMarch 24th: Kelvin BuildingMarch 25th: Sir Alexander Stone Lecture TheatreMarch 26th: More Spring Flowers and a Broken SignMarch 27th: Stair GardensMarch 28th: A Ship?March 29th: Mackintosh House [What Is That?]March 30th: I Want Spring Already!March 31st: Davidson Building Lecture Theatre (Room 208)April 1st: Glowing OrangeApril 2nd: Happy Easter! Spring Is (Almost) Here!April 3rd: Inside the Wolfson Medical School BuildingApril 4th: P is for... Pearce Lodge [ABC Sundae]April 5th: Photo Society ExhibitionApril 6th: Davidson BuildingApril 7th: Easter Cross of DaffodilsApril 8th: SRC Relocating to 65-67 Southpark AvenueApril 9th: Frederick Soddy's IsotopesApril 10th: The West End, in MiniatureApril 11th: The University of Glasgow, in MiniatureApril 12th: Springtime on GilmorehillApril 13th: Lord Kelvin's SundialApril 14th: Rankine BuildingApril 15th: George Service HouseApril 16th: 1840 - 1990April 17th: Boyd Orr View TeaserApril 18th: Q is for... Queen Margaret CollegeApril 19th: What's With The Red 'T' and Where Is This From?April 20th: Defender of the UniversityApril 21st: Gilmorehill from the Boyd Orr BuildingApril 22nd: Rooftops of Hillhead StreetApril 23rd: Lord Kelvin's ResidenceApril 24th: From Partick Bridge at NightApril 25th: Sir Henry JonesApril 26th: Tennent's Becomes GUU (What Is That?)April 27th: Exam Season BeginsApril 28th: Green Around CampusApril 29th: Roofworks on the Hunterian MuseumApril 30th: John McIntyre Building Wrapped UpMay 1st: Exams, Exams, ExamsMay 2nd: R is for... Restructuring [ABC Sundae]May 3rd: Tennent's BarMay 4th: Knowledge and InspirationMay 5th: A Drab Place for MathsMay 6th: An Idea For The Maths BuildingMay 7th: Smart CaféMay 8th: A Stone Out Of PlaceMay 9th: The Renovations from the East QuadrangleMay 10th: "Everything Will Be Alright"May 11th: Chapel Gates on the LeftMay 12th: Chapel Gates on the RightMay 13th: A Stone Back In PlaceMay 14th: Exams in Bute HallMay 15th: The View from Special CollectionsMay 16th: S is for... Scarves [ABC Sundae]May 17th: The Progress of ScienceMay 18th: Creative CCTVMay 19th: Don't Kill Science!May 20th: Keep Life Sciences AliveMay 21st: Science Petition MarchMay 22nd: Old and NewMay 23rd: Anatomy Dissection in the GardenMay 24th: Text in the GardenMay 25th: Oldest Public Museum in ScotlandMay 26th: Revolution 2000-2010May 27th: The Very Reverend Duncan MacFarlanMay 28th: The Blackstone ChairMay 29th: Time's UpMay 30th: T is for... Tower [ABC Sundae]May 31st: Old University LibraryJune 1st: One Year of Photos from Glasgow UniversityJune 2nd: The SquareJune 3rd: Professors' Square and Stair BuildingJune 4th: St Mungo on the ChapelJune 5th: St Kentigern in the ChapelJune 6th: In RemembranceJune 7th: East End of the ChapelJune 8th: Uplifting PolkadotsJune 9th: South Entrance to the Main BuildingJune 10th: William Turnbull - 1451June 11th: Duke of Montrose - 1870June 12th: The Way, The Truth, The LifeJune 13th: U is for... University Avenue [ABC Sundae]June 14th: University of Glasgow Coat of ArmsJune 15th: University in the SummerJune 16th: Qudos RenovationJune 17th: Florentine HouseJune 18th: Bute Hall OrganJune 19th: Memoriae Sacrum Thomae ReidJune 20th: Remnants of the Old CollegeJune 21st: UnicornJune 22nd: LionJune 23rd: Arts That Benefit EveryoneJune 24th: The Hunter MemorialJune 25th: University NurseryJune 26th: Colours of Bute HallJune 27th: V is for... Via Veritas Vita [ABC Sundae]June 28th: 1914-1918June 29th: The Mysterious Statue of Adam SmithJune 30th: Silhouette of Glasgow University


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