Your University, One Photo at a Time

April 2010

April 1st: Glowing OrangeApril 2nd: Happy Easter! Spring Is (Almost) Here!April 3rd: Inside the Wolfson Medical School BuildingApril 4th: P is for... Pearce Lodge [ABC Sundae]April 5th: Photo Society ExhibitionApril 6th: Davidson BuildingApril 7th: Easter Cross of DaffodilsApril 8th: SRC Relocating to 65-67 Southpark AvenueApril 9th: Frederick Soddy's IsotopesApril 10th: The West End, in MiniatureApril 11th: The University of Glasgow, in MiniatureApril 12th: Springtime on GilmorehillApril 13th: Lord Kelvin's SundialApril 14th: Rankine BuildingApril 15th: George Service HouseApril 16th: 1840 - 1990April 17th: Boyd Orr View TeaserApril 18th: Q is for... Queen Margaret CollegeApril 19th: What's With The Red 'T' and Where Is This From?April 20th: Defender of the UniversityApril 21st: Gilmorehill from the Boyd Orr BuildingApril 22nd: Rooftops of Hillhead StreetApril 23rd: Lord Kelvin's ResidenceApril 24th: From Partick Bridge at NightApril 25th: Sir Henry JonesApril 26th: Tennent's Becomes GUU (What Is That?)April 27th: Exam Season BeginsApril 28th: Green Around CampusApril 29th: Roofworks on the Hunterian MuseumApril 30th: John McIntyre Building Wrapped Up

[Poll #11: Where did you live in your first year at Glasgow University?]
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