Your University, One Photo at a Time

August 2009

August 1st: Urban Studies Door DetailAugust 2nd: The Tree That Never GrewAugust 3rd: SRC Election PostersAugust 4th: ProtestAugust 5th: QMU ElectionAugust 6th: The Flash Mob Respects Human RightsAugust 7th: GUSA ElectionsAugust 8th: Occupied BuildingAugust 9th: Reactions to Student PoliticsAugust 10th: University of Glasgow at NightAugust 11th: Lilybank House at NightAugust 12th: Wolfson Medical School Building at NightAugust 13th: University Avenue at NightAugust 14th: South Front at NightAugust 15th: From Partick BridgeAugust 16th: From Sauchiehall StreetAugust 17th: Cairncross HouseAugust 18th: Murano Street Student VillageAugust 19th: Student ApartmentsAugust 20th: Shoes on a WireAugust 21st: Lock It or Lose ItAugust 22nd: Eastern End of University AvenueAugust 23rd: Western End of University AvenueAugust 24th: University Tower at NightAugust 25th: Boyd Orr Building and Queen Margaret UnionAugust 26th: View From The Adam Smith BuildingAuguts 27th: View From Glasgow University LibraryAugust 28th: Aerial View of Glasgow UniversityAugust 29th: Boyd Orr Lecture TheatreAugust 30th: Political PhilosophyAugust 31st: Panorama from the Tower


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