Your University, One Photo at a Time

August 2010

August 1st: Universitas GlasguensisAugust 2nd: A City-Based UniversityAugust 3rd: Sunset SpiresAugust 4th: Summer's Green LeavesAugust 5th: Blossoming SpiresAugust 6th: Vintage UniversityAugust 7th: Byres Road BubbleAugust 8th: Y is for... Young Elephant [ABC Sundae]August 9th: Monkey-Puzzle TreeAugust 10th: From Partick Bridge to the TowerAugust 11th: From the Stewart Memorial Fountain to the TowerAugust 12th: From Kelvingrove's St Mungo to the TowerAugust 13th: From Byres Road to the TowerAugust 14th: From the Highland Light Infantry Memorial to the TowerAugust 15th: The Lion and Unicorn StaircaseAugust 16th: The Lion on the StaircaseAugust 17th: The Unicorn on the StaircaseAugust 18th: White SpireAugust 19th: Snowy University of GlasgowAugust 20th: Students in the SunAugust 21st: University AvenueAugust 22nd: Z is for... Zoology [ABC Sundae]August 23rd: From the Adam Smith Building to the TowerAugust 24th: Inside the Orbicular BuildingAugust 25th: Roond CludgieAugust 26th: Autumn Colours in the SpringAugust 27th: Courtyard of LinksAugust 28th: Murano Street from GilmorehillAugust 29th: Parking in the GardensAugust 30th: Dual SpiresAugust 31st: Kelvin Building of Physics and Astronomy

[Summer 2010 Poll: Where Are You From?]
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