Your University, One Photo at a Time

December 2009

December 1st: World AIDS DayDecember 2nd: World AIDS Day FlashmobDecember 3rd: The Ugliest Building at Glasgow UniversityDecember 4th: John Boyd Orr, 1880-1971December 5th: BOB the BrutalistDecember 6th: Underneath BOBDecember 7th: Pretty ChimneysDecember 8th: FogDecember 9th: Glasgow University Panorama (from the roof of the QMU)December 10th: Dirty DishesDecember 11th: A Dolphin?December 12th: GUU at NightDecember 13th: H is for... Hunter [ABC Sundae]December 14th: Warming UpDecember 15th: Spires In The FogDecember 16th: Infinity StairwellDecember 17th: Working Late On A Foggy NightDecember 18th: 100th Daft FridayDecember 19th: The Theme for Daft Friday 2009...December 20th: Daft Friday CeilidhDecember 21st: The GUU on Daft Friday 2009December 22nd: Hunter Memorial InscriptionDecember 23rd: Memorial Gates and Round Reading RoomDecember 24th: 1939-1945December 25th: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!December 26th: Wellington Church Christmas TreeDecember 27th: I is for... Inscription [ABC Sundae]December 28th: Golden GatesDecember 29th: Golden CloistersDecember 30th: Monochrome CloistersDecember 31st: Hope


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