Your University, One Photo at a Time

July 2009

July 1st: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and WizardryJuly 2nd: Through the CloistersJuly 3rd: Tower at NightJuly 4th: Lit At DuskJuly 5th: Quadrangles PanoramaJuly 6th: Freshers' Ball [Party Week]July 7th: Ceilidh [Party Week]July 8th: Revolution at Qudos [Party Week]July 9th: Daft Friday [Party Week]July 10th: Cheesy Pop [Party Week]July 11th: Chicane at Daft Friday [Party Week]July 12th: School Disco at The Hive [Party Week]June 13th: Miller, the Adam Smith Building CatJune 14th: Stained-Glass Windows at the Glasgow University ChapelJune 15th: Round Reading RoomJune 16th: University Avenue PanoramaJune 17th: TommorowJuly 18th: Joseph Black M.D.July 19th: The University at NightJuly 20th: The Hunterian Museum [Museum Week]July 21st: The Skull of Robert the Bruce [Museum Week]July 22nd: World's Smallest Dinosaur FootprintJuly 23rd: Cross-Section of a Human Brain [Museum Week]July 24th: Mesolite Crystals on Basalt [Museum Week]July 25th: Deformed Boar Thingamabob [Museum Week]July 26th: Hunterian Zoology Museum [Museum Week]July 27th: University Tower Reflected on the Wolfson Medical School BuildingJuly 28th: 100th Anniversary of the First Powered Flight in ScotlandJuly 29th: Fraser Building and Glasgow University LibraryJuly 30th: A Window at the Glasgow University UnionJuly 31st: Windows and Clouds


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