Your University, One Photo at a Time

September 2009

September 1st: Welcome to the University of GlasgowSeptember 2nd: University Avenue [Day & Night]September 3rd: Edvard Munch Prints at the Hunterian Art GallerySeptember 4th: Hetherington Research Club at NightSeptember 5th: Gregory Building at NightSeptember 6th: A is for... Adam Smith [ABC Sundae]September 7th: John Smith's BookshopSeptember 8th: Memorial Gates at NightSeptember 9th: Barclay Medical CentreSeptember 10th: Open Day at Glasgow UniversitySeptember 11th: The T is Back!!September 12th: Bute Hall on Open DaySeptember 13th: East Quadrangle on Open DaySeptember 14th: Day One, Freshers' Week 2009September 15th: Day Two, Freshers' Week '09September 16th: Day Three, Freshers' Week '09September 17th: Day Four, Freshers' Week '09September 18th: New Entrance to The HiveSeptember 19th: The University from Byres RoadSeptember 22nd: B is for... Bus Service [ABC Sundae]September 21st: Stone Plaque from the Old CollegeSeptember 22nd: Boyd Orr at SunsetSeptember 23rd: CrookedSeptember 24th: Autumn Is A Stressful TimeSeptember 25th: Midwifery, Not History of MagicSeptember 26th: This Way to Ashton LaneSeptember 27th: Ashton LaneSeptember 28th: Glasgow University Nordic Society Pub CrawlSeptember 29th: At The ClubSeptember 30th: Glasgow University Library Turns 41 Today


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