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Stevenson Building

The Stevie

Stevenson Building

On this day in 1961, the Stevenson Building, commonly referred to as ‘The Stevie’, was opened by the Principal of the University at the time, Sir Hector Hetherington. Surprisingly one of the (slightly) prettier 1960’s buildings, the building contains the gym and other sports facilities, including a swimming pool. I’ve yet to step into the building, besides the brief visit during last year’s Freshers’ Week. Maybe one day.

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November 2009 Recap and Poll Results []

The winner of The Ugliest Building at Glasgow University is… the Boyd Orr Building!! Hurray!

The 1960s were not a good time for Glasgow University, architecturally speaking. The November poll asked for visitors’ opinions on the ugliest building on campus and out of the top ten ugliest buildings on campus, six (6!!!) were built in the 1960s. Running down the list below, we have the Adam Smith Building (1967), Queen Margaret Union (1969), Rankine Building (1969), University Library (1968), Stevenson Building (1961) and the Fraser Building (originally built in 1966, refurbished for 2009).  The odd ones out are the winner, the Boyd Orr Building, opened in 1972, the Round Reading Room, which predates the move of the University to Gilmorehill, the Joseph Black Building, built between 1936 and 1954 and extended in the 1960s and 1982, and finally the enigmatic Maths Building, for which I couldn’t find a year that it opened, although I know it was pretty much the same time as the Boyd Orr Building.

In other words, six of the ugliest buildings at Glasgow University, two are from the very early 1970s, and one more was extended in the 1960s. Not a very good decade I guess.

Top ten ugliest buildings below, full results of the poll here.

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As a final note, my apologies for the non-daily posting. I’m attempting to get the blog up to date by posting everything retroactively.

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Lock It or Lose It

Lock It or Lose It

A friendly reminder by the bike racks outside the Stevenson Building at Glasgow University. Although the city does have a subway (which they call Clockwork Orange, as the trains are orange and run in a circle) and a pretty extensive bus service, many students still bike around between their flats and campus. That being said, most students seem to either live a short walk away from the University, or so far that they catch public transportation to get to lectures.

Just behind those windows lies the University gym and the swimming pool. You can find out more about the gym on the Glasgow University Sport website at Gym membership is a mere £40 per year for students!!

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