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There are two ways for you to stay up to date with the latest photos from the Glasgow University Photo blog: via RSS and Email Subscriptions.

Email subscriptions are the simplest way of keeping up to date with the blog. All that is required of you is for you to click a link, provide your email address, verify that you’re not a bot, and respond to a verification email which will be sent to the address you provided.

You will receive no more than one email per day from this blog with the past day’s post(s), sent directly to your email address, sent between 7pm and 9pm GMT. Please note that you will not receive an email from if no new posts have been written up in the preceding 24 hours (duh!). In addition, posts may be updated after you have received the original post as an email, and you will not receive an updated post by email. Due to this, don’t forget to pop by at every now and then to see what else you may be missing!

To begin receiving daily updates from the Glasgow University Photo Blog by email, just click here and follow the instructions given!

RSS (or Real Simple Syndication), on the other hand, might be a little more difficult to grasp. I personally swear by it and follow numerous RSS feeds (523 feeds at last count), including personal blogs, news sites, mobile and gadget blogs, political sites and blogs spanning the political spectrum, humor sites, photoblogs, and many many more. The RSS feeds can be amassed in feed aggregators, or feed readers, on your computer, on the internet, or on your mobile phone. I prefer Google Reader, which has both online and mobile versions, as well as offline access to your feeds.

You can find an exhaustive, yet comprehensive, list of all things RSS from Mashable.

To better explain the mysteries of RSS, here’s a little video, made by the guys at TheCommonCraft Show, explaining in plain English what RSS really is. If you have any more questions, go ahead and ask them in the comments section below. Oh, and you can subscribe to the RSS feed of the Glasgow University Photo Blog by clicking here.

These chicklets below might make subscribing even easier.

Subscribe in NewsGator OnlineAdd to Google Reader or HomepageSubscribe in RojoAdd to My AOLAdd to netvibesAdd to PlusmoSubscribe in NewsAlloyAdd to Excite MIXAdd to netomat HubAdd to fwickiAdd to WebwagAdd to AttensaReceive IM, Email or Mobile alerts when new content is published on this site.

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