Your University, One Photo at a Time


I’ve noticed that most/many Daily Photo sites incorporate certain themes into the photos they post on particular days.

Seeing as there aren’t other University Daily Photo sites out there, I’m going to start my own theme days just for this site, and I’ll collect them right here as they come.

This is still a work in progress in my head, so we’ll see what becomes of this and what kind of themes I can come up with. If you have any suggestions and ideas for possible theme days, please speak your mind and suggest them to me via the Contact Form or in the comments section.

ABC Sundae

Day & Night

On This Day

What Is That?

Library Week

Party Week

Museum Week

Freshers’ Week

Got a suggestion for a theme day/week for this photo blog? Do you know of a previous theme day been run on another site which I should join? Throw your ideas and thoughts my way by leaving a comment below, or send me an email with the contact form, or through Twitter. Thank you!


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