Your University, One Photo at a Time

Museum Week

Museum Week is an entire week when we go exploring into the Museum and Art Galleries spread around the University of Glasgow campus.

The museums, art galleries and other collections make up the encompassing Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery, located in four locations (Gilbert Scott Building, Graham Kerr Building, Thompson Building, and the Glasgow University Library complex).

The buildings which house the museums and their collections aren’t the focus of Museum Week, but rather the itemsn held within in the collections themselves.

There are millions of items in these collections, which means the items featured during Museum Week are only a scratch on the surface of the treasure troves within, so I strongly suggest visiting the museums themselves. Furthermore, because the Art Gallery, Mackintosh House and the Anatomy Museum only allow photography in exceptional circumstances, so unless this blog can be considered an exceptional circumstance, enough so to allow me to go shoot a few photos in those places and share them here with a wider audience.

Museum Week #1
July 20-26, 2009

July 20th: The Hunterian Museum [Museum Week]Tuesday July 21st: The Skull of Robert the Bruce [Museum Week]Wednesday July 22nd: World's Smallest Dinosaur Footprint [Museum Week]Thursday July 23rd: Cross-Section of a Human Brain [Museum Week]Friday July 24th: Mesolite Crystals on Basalt [Museum Week]Saturday July 25th: Deformed Boar Thingamabob [Museum Week]Sunday July 26th: Hunterian Zoology Museum [Museum Week]


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