Your University, One Photo at a Time

Site Update

This blog has been put in stasis due to the increased workload with my University degree and my post-university career search. All the old posts will remain accessible, but new ones are unlikely to show up. The domain name will remain active, and I will try to answer any emails and questions anyone may have, so don’t let this stop you from contacting me.

I have gained a lot of enjoyment from writing this blog and doing the extensive research into all my posts. I hope to one day continue along the same lines, either with this same project or another one.  If you make your way on to my personal website at you can find out my most recent shenanigans and photo projects.

I haven’t stopped taking photos, and I’m still around campus very often, so photos from and of the University of Glasgow will still appear on my Flickr feed. You can find my most recent photos of the University of Glasgow on Flickr if you follow the link below, or through the slideshow below.

Thank you for your readership and interest,


Photos from Glasgow University on Flickr


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