Your University, One Photo at a Time

June 2009

June 1st: University of Glasgow at NightJune 2nd: Glasgow University LibraryJune 3rd: The South FrontJune 4th: Glass and ConcreteJune 5th: The Fraser BuildingJune 6th: University Tower from Kelvingrove ParkJune 7th: CloistersJune 8th: The Practice of Antiseptic SurgeryJune 9th: University GardensJune 10th: A Magnificent BuildingJune 11th: Red Telephone BoxesJune 12th: Boyd Orr BuildingJune 13th: Adam Smith BuildingJune 14th: Glasgow, Scotland with StyleJune 15th: A Panorama of Glasgow UniversityJune 16th: Glasgow University UnionJune 17th: Queen Margaret UnionJune 18th: St KentgernusJune 19th: Smi h On The Memorial GatesJune 20th: Liquid NitrogenJune 21st: Gloomy Irn-Bru NightJune 22nd: University Library from University Avenue [Library Week]June 23rd: Old Books [Library Week]June 24th: Library Annexe [Library Week]June 25th: Greek Testament [Library Week]June 26th: Politics Section [Library Week]June 27th: Soviet Studies [Library Week]June 28th: University Library in the Winter [Library Week]June 29th: University TowerJune 30th: Main Building and The Square