Your University, One Photo at a Time

October 2009

Anderson CollegeOctober 2nd: Cheesy Pop AftermathOctober 3rd: BOB, 37 Years OldOctober 4th: C is for... Chapel [ABC Sundae]October 5th: Library Level 3 Annexe Now (Not) OpenOctober 6th: Giant Piggy BankOctober 7th: New Library Cafe AreaOctober 8th: GUU By-ElectionOctober 9th: What's Going On Here?October 10th: HockeyOctober 11th: Archaeology Field Trip to Kilmartin GlenOctober 12th: Protesting Outside The Recruitment OfficeOctober 13th: Autumn YellowOctober 14th: Welcome To GarscubeOctober 15th: Welcome to Special CollectionsOctober 16th: On A Cloudy Autumn DayOctober 17th: John McIntyre BuildingOctober 18th: D is for... Deadline [ABC Sundae]October 19th: Research ClubOctober 20th: Principal's LodgingOctober 21st: SRC ElectionsOctober 22nd: The Biggest Thesaurus In The WorldOctober 23rd: You Can Make A DifferenceOctober 24th: Bower Building Fire, 8 Years AgoOctober 25th: Chopped DownOctober 26th: Study PodsOctober 27th: A Snake, a Pyramid, and a StarOctober 28th: Spiral StaircaseOctober 29th: Tennent's On TapOctober 30th: I <3 VD @ GUUOctober 31st: Happy Halloween!


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