Your University, One Photo at a Time

May 2010

May 1st: Exams, Exams, ExamsMay 2nd: R is for... Restructuring [ABC Sundae]May 3rd: Tennent's BarMay 4th: Knowledge and InspirationMay 5th: A Drab Place for MathsMay 6th: An Idea For The Maths BuildingMay 7th: Smart CaféMay 8th: A Stone Out Of PlaceMay 9th: The Renovations from the East QuadrangleMay 10th: "Everything Will Be Alright"May 11th: Chapel Gates on the LeftMay 12th: Chapel Gates on the RightMay 13th: A Stone Back In PlaceMay 14th: Exams in Bute HallMay 15th: The View from Special CollectionsMay 16th: S is for... Scarves [ABC Sundae]May 17th: The Progress of ScienceMay 18th: Creative CCTVMay 19th: Don't Kill Science!May 20th: Keep Life Sciences AliveMay 21st: Science Petition MarchMay 22nd: Old and NewMay 23rd: Anatomy Dissection in the GardenMay 24th: Text in the GardenMay 25th: Oldest Public Museum in ScotlandMay 26th: Revolution 2000-2010May 27th: The Very Reverend Duncan MacFarlanMay 28th: The Blackstone ChairMay 29th: Time's UpMay 30th: T is for... Tower [ABC Sundae]May 31st: Old University Library

[Poll #12: What is your favourite place to study for exams?]
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