Your University, One Photo at a Time

November 2009

November 1st: E is for... Education [ABC Sundae]November 2nd: Welcome To The Fraser BuildingNovember 3rd: Student ServicesNovember 4th: Service DeskNovember 5th: Food For ThoughtNovember 6th: Student DiningNovember 7th: Collages and MirrorsNovember 8th: Someone Loves BooksNovember 9th: Morning Over GlasgowNovember 10th: Wellington Church at NightNovember 11th: Remembrance DayNovember 12th: QMU By-ElectionNovember 13th: Sir Gilbert Scott BuildingNovember 14th: Bust of MacLellanNovember 15th: F is for... FoodNovember 16th: What's This Doing In Glasgow Cathedral?November 17th: Sir Alexander Stone BuildingNovember 18th: Debating at Glasgow UniversityNovember 19th: Autumn Is Almost OverNovember 20th: A Lecturer's View, Adam Smith T415November 21st: Adam Smith Lecture Theatre T415November 22nd: The View from Adam Smith T415November 23rd: View North from Adam Smith T415November 24th: Books Cast Away?November 25th: Lion On The RoofNovember 26th: PinkNovember 27th: Diagram of an ObjectNovember 28th: Flint ArrowheadsNovember 29th: G is for... Graffiti [ABC Sundae]November 30th: Bagpipes


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