Your University, One Photo at a Time

January 2010

January 1st: Here's To A Brand New Year!January 2nd: Snowy University GardensJanuary 3rd: Main GateJanuary 4th: Bower BuildingJanuary 5th: Fraser Building and Round Reading RoomJanuary 6th: Jack Peñate at Daft Friday 2009January 7th: After The ShowJanuary 8th: Wolfson Medical School BuildingJanuary 9th: Stevenson BuildingJanuary 10th: J is for... Jani at Jim'sJanuary 11th: Maths BuildingJanuary 12th: Pontecorvo BuildingJanuary 13th: University GardensJanuary 14th: Three Squares GyratoryJanuary 15th: Bute GardensJanuary 16th: Gregory Building EntranceJanuary 17th: Gregory Building and The TowerJanuary 18th: What's Is That? A Clown Face?January 19th: A Lecture Theatre MakeoverJanuary 20th: Anderson College and Thurso StreetJanuary 21st: 50p to HaitiJanuary 22nd: Entrance to the Beer BarJanuary 23rd: The Beer BarJanuary 24th: K is for... Kelvin [ABC Sundae]January 25th: Fraser Building Wall Decoration (What Is That?)January 26th: "Encouraging" GraffitiJanuary 27th: Attack of the TubesJanuary 28th: New Pair of Shoes (On A Wire)January 29th: Lilybank GardensJanuary 30th: New Outdoor BenchesJanuary 31st: Billiards Ban


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