Your University, One Photo at a Time



  • Poll #1: Black or White Background?
  • Poll #2: What’s your connection to Glasgow University?>
  • Poll #3: Which Academic Faculty do you belong to at Glasgow University?
  • Poll #4: Which Student Union(s) do you belong to (or use to belong to)?
  • Poll #5: What is the Nicest Building at Glasgow University? (Main Building not included)
  • Poll #6: What is the UGLIEST BUILDING at Glasgow University? (Choose up to 3 buildings)
  • Poll #7: What grade would you give the year 2009?
  • Poll #8: What’s your New Year’s resolution for 2010?
  • Poll #9: What’s the best source of food on campus?
  • Poll #10: Do you vote in Student Elections at University?
  • Poll #11: Where did you live in your first year at Glasgow University?
  • Legend:
    Open Polls
    Closed Polls
    Newest Poll

    I will be revamping this page shortly, possibly reopening some of the past polls, notably the two on the prettiest and the ugliest building on campus. Become a fan on Facebook or follow on Twitter to hear about the changes as they happen.


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